Natural remedy for varicose veins

Natural remedy for varicose veins

A good natural remedy for varicose and spider veins in the legs is applying a warm compress made with cabbage leaves because they shape to the leg effectively.


  • 5 cabbage leaves


To make the dressing, heat the cabbage leaves in the microwave for a few seconds and apply on top of varicose veins leaving action until it cools down. Next, wash the region with cold water because it improves blood circulation.
In the warm compress, it must keep the legs raised as long as possible. A good rule of thumb is to place a pad on the bed, so that the threshold becomes lower. This position helps in blood circulation reducing varicose veins and the pain caused by it.
When there are a lot of varicose veins, the doctor may indicate a angiologist done with laser treatment, "application of varicose veins" or surgery in severe cases.