Home Remedy for scar

Home Remedy for scar

An excellent home remedy for scar, with properties that help close the wound and to leave more uniform skin, are aloe and propolis. As for reducing the cone and the itching scar, honey is a great natural remedy.
Before using any of these remedies for scar it is important to wash the area with saline solution to remove dirt and to facilitate the action of the remedy.

Home Remedy for scar aloe

A great home remedy for scar is to apply the poultice of aloe vera on the region, because it contains a substance called mucilage, which in addition to facilitate healing also reduces local swelling and destroys micro-organisms, reducing the risk of infection and helping the scar to fade faster.
  • Poultice of aloe : Opening an aloe leaf and remove the transparent gel inside. Put on the wound and cover with a bandage or compress. Wash the wound and repeat the process daily until the wound healed be.

Home Remedy for scar with propolis

Another great home remedy for scar is to apply a few drops of propolis in wound or burn because it has antibacterial, healing and anti-inflammatory properties that facilitate the healing process of wounds. Furthermore, the propolis is also anesthetic, leading to relief of pain in the wound.
  • Poultice of propolis : Put a few drops of propolis in gauze and cover the wound. It should be exchanged 2 times a day, for example, morning and night.
The propolis should not be used in individuals with allergies to this substance, nor in children under 12 years of age.

Home Remedy for scar with honey

The home remedy for scar with honey is a great healer and can be used directly on the scar to decrease swelling, itching and prevent the formation of cone.
  • Honey poultice : Put some honey directly on the wound and wrap with gauze. Leave it for a few hours and change then. Repeat the process three times in a row.
The more there in the wound secretion, the greater must be the amount of honey placed.
In cases of very large or deep scar should be consulted a specialist physiotherapist in functional dermatology to start the appropriate treatment.

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